Few Things About Sleep Apnea That You Must Know

What is precisely sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is one of the disorders where there are several pauses during breathing. This may disturb your family, friends, and relatives too. This creates an interruption in breathing. The problem in breathing occurs because of not getting a sufficient amount of oxygen. The pauses occurring during breathing may vary from a fraction of a second to a few minutes and sometimes more too — the regular breathing changes to loud noise or snort that imitates a choking sound.

Sleep apnea is the process which creates interruption three or more nights in an entire week. The deep sleep is broken into three stages. The pauses in the breathing occur during the light sleep phase of the sleep cycle. This leads to the exclusion of deep sleep and reduces body power as well as creates an unhealthy feeling. You may start sleepy feeling during the day time because of sleep apnea.

There are no unique treatments available for sleep apnea. Doctors cannot identify the condition of the patient suffering from this disorder, and this disorder cannot be examined by any blood tests too.

Many people are unconscious about the fact that they are having sleep apnea because this disorder occurs only during sleep, and the person is average after waking up. A family member or friend may identify this condition, that the person is having sleep apnea while being near the person. This ignorance of this disorder may even prove costly to the patient in the future.

One of the most popular kinds of sleep apnea is interruptive in which the breathing vessels are blocked.

They are locked when the person is in a deep sleep. This interruption leads to pauses in breathing. When the breath is in the natural form, the disruption in breathing and the lack of air through the inhaling vessels emit a loud noise. This defect is mostly found in obese people, but anyone may get it too.

sleep apnea

Several reasons:

  • There is an abnormality in the tongue and throat muscles.
  • The size of the tonsils is significant when compared with the open windpipe.
  • You may be obese, and the tonsil tissue creates the thickness in the air vessel. The opening of the inside portion becomes congested, and difficulty in keeping it open continuously occurs.
  • There might be a physical abnormality when the person is born. The smaller sized air vessel may choke up the throat due to lack of air entry.
  • Due to old age, people may suffer from complexity in brain messages passing to the muscles. The vessels become narrow and can get collapsed with each other.
  • Insufficient air transmission through the breathing vessels when they are entirely closed can reduce the oxygen level present in the blood.
  • When the reduced level of oxygen is increased, it threatens the brain and disturbance of sleep occurs.
  • The continued reduced level of oxygen and sleep in the insufficient form leads to tension and hormone imbalances. This combination increases the heart rate and can lead to several stress-related diseases like Heart attack, arrhythmias.

If immediate treatment of the sleep apnea disorder is not done. There may be chances of diabetes occurring too.

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