Don’t lose sleep over Snoring: Causes and Treatments for Nose Snoring

Many people suffer from nose snoring. This type of snoring has many causes, and luckily, there are also many treatments available. The only tricky part is identifying the purpose of the nose snoring.

Nasal discharge

A stuffy nose may cause nose snoring. The nose may be stuffed up due to a cold, flu or a sinus condition and this may prevent the air from moving through the nose. The tissues in the throat are pulled up and are caused to vibrate during breathing, producing the snoring sound.

A deformity in the nasal area may also cause a more persistent nose snoring. Nasal polyps, sinusitis, enlarged adenoids, and deviated septum are all nasal deformities that may cause this problem. These deformities block the nasal passage and allow little or no air to pass through, resulting in breathing difficulty.

Nose snoring may affect the lives of people living with it in many ways. It may deprive a person of sleep as he finds it difficult to breathe while asleep. The sounds made may also disturb other people who sleep close to the affected person. Those affected may also be embarrassed about their condition and so may become lonely over some time.

nose snoring

The trouble caused by nose snoring

A person with nose breathing may not like to stay overnight at a friends’ place and may not want friends to spend the night with them. Friends who do not understand their condition may comment about it, and this may cost them friendship. Treating the cause of this type of snoring based on the reason can solve the problem.

Nose snoring caused by colds can be treated with antibiotics. Sleeping on the side instead of sleeping face up can provide some temporary relief too. Surgery may be the solution for this caused by deformities in the nasal passage, which allows easy passage of air. Maintaining a positive airway pressure may also be an alternative to surgery. This can be done by wearing a nose mask during sleep to allow a steady stream of air that is pumped through the nose.

People can also help themselves to stop nose snoring by studying how their bodies work and how they react to certain activities, especially those involving a lot of energy or requiring a lot of breathing. Proceeding, they will learn how to regulate their breathing, and this can be translated into their sleep to control the nose breathing.

Yoga is an activity that can strengthen the breathing process, and so it can be used to reduce and stop it. People who smoke or drink may have to give up their habits if they want to be cured of nose breathing.

Getting a lot of sleep may also help in reducing nose snoring. When the human body is exhausted, the breathing system also gets tired and so weakens up. Getting enough rest will restore vitality to the respiratory organs and will help stop it.

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