About the Author “Catherine Grimsley” and Pillowify!

About Pillowify and Catherine Grimsley
About Pillowify and Catherine Grimsley

Hello, world! My name is Catherine, and I expertise in sleeping and every segment of it. As you are aware, sleeping is exceedingly essential for humans to maintain a healthy lifestyle and function properly. To fulfill this, it is highly necessary to choose, in the first place, the sleeping position and following, the right type of pillows to make you sleep like on clouds.

The idea of making Pillowify came to my mind while I heard my mom complaining about her lack of energy and neck pain, all because of the wrong pillow. I believe these complaints are daily among many people, and the reason behind this is the lack of easily accessible information about sleeping and discovering the best pillow to sleep on.

On a side note, most of my knowledge came from my high school (physiotherapist) degree and Master Degree in Anatomy along sub-specialization on Psychology. Also, over the years, I have put a lot of time researching companies which produce sleeping products like pillows, mattresses, etc. So my skill set is pretty narrowed down, and I find comfort in this subject. With that said, I’m offering my 10-year experience to you with 0 costs!

It is my pleasure to help you improve your sleeping habit and your lifestyle. Pillowify is here to bring your energy back into your life and kiss your dark circles “goodbye” forever.

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